14th September 2015


“My job is all about love, the wonder of life and creativity.”

About me

Hello and lovely to meet you! Thanks for visiting my website.

I create and conduct warm, truthful and meaningful ceremonies and rituals for moments that matter, and I couldn’t think of a more beautiful, rewarding and honourable thing to do.

Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by how people deal with the questions and experiences that life throws to us. Today, many people are no longer affiliated to one particular faith or spirituality. They get inspired by elements from various sources, religious and secular.

Many people I work with have a cosmopolitan mindset, and are inspired by traditions and cultures from around the world. As a celebrant, it’s a real privilege to bring these elements together, creating a unique ceremony that truly reflects people’s life story, personalities and interests. I offer inclusive ceremonies for all ages, beliefs, backgrounds, sexualities and gender identities.

My job is all about love, the wonder of life, and creativity. I get inspired by books, movies, art works, and the stories of the people I work with. In my blog, I share my knowledge and fascination with the wonderful way of how people give meaning to their lives through rituals and ceremonies. I hope the blog posts inspire you in preparing for your own ceremony!

I love taking photos of things that make me laugh or cry and post these on my Instagram feeds. I’ve got one for funerals and rituals in general and one for weddings. Check them out if you’re interested!

Originally from the Netherlands, I now live in North London with my husband and our two kids. I enjoy walking in the woods, drinking cocktails, browsing clothes and hats in vintage shops, watching cult movies with my husband and teasing my children. Their witty comments, playful view on life and endless fantasy inspired me to write a children’s book, The adventures of Rosie and William.

In 2018 I won the National Celebrant Award for Outstanding Funeral Services. I was completely stunned and extremely honoured to receive this recognition for the work I do. I am also a Regional Finalist for the Wedding Industry Awards 2019. In 2016 I was runner-up celebrant of the year for the Good Funeral Awards and in 2017 a finalist in the same category.

If you’d like to se me in action, please have a look at this video, where I led a tribute ceremony for Hornsey Town Hall, June 2018:

My skills.

  • Ceremony and ritual design
    I hold an MA in Theology and have a broad knowledge of rituals and diverse experience in conducting ceremonies on both religious and non-religious contexts. I have completed training in the following subjects:

    • Non-religious Pastoral Care (accredited by Humanists UK)
    • Grief Training (also co-host a course on this subject with Caroline Lloyd. More information can be found here)
    • Baby and Infant Loss
    • Complicated Grief
    • LGBT+ Awareness
    • Dementia (I am a Dementia Friend as well as Dementia Champion)
  • Certified and award-winning celebrant
    I hold certificates in Family and Funeral Celebrancy and I am a member of the Fellowship of Professional Partnership of Celebrants in the UK, a professional network that enables me to constantly update my knowledge and skills related to designing and delivering contemporary ceremonies and rituals. I am a member of the European Celebrants Collective and recommended on the The Celebrant Directory. I am also a member of the Good Funeral Guild. In 2018 I was winner of the National Celebrant Award for Outstanding Funeral Celebrancy. In 2016 I was Celebrant of the Year runner-up for the Good Funeral Awards and in 2017 a finalist.
  • Helping and inspiring people with change and development
    I have extensive skills in coaching, change management, project management, conducting workshops, and constructing learning and development solutions for individuals and teams.
  • International and broad perspective
    I have been working as a change management consultant for more than twelve years. In this period, I also obtained my MBA and have worked with people from various international backgrounds.

Wedding Industry Award