Real wedding: Olivia and Bart’s epic destination wedding in Guernsey

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From the series: I work with the best couples!

I am writing these words in a time where all weddings planned for this spring and summer have been postponed.

Dream big

Although we can’t celebrate our love in all its magic and joy at this point in time, this moment will come again. Exploring ideas and fuelling yourself with inspiration will give positive vibes which is just what we need these days. Whether you are planning a new day for your postponed wedding, or going on this journey for the first time, dream big! Imagine how special it will be to see the people dear to you again, gathered to celebrate your love and witness the special commitments you are making to each other. 

Olivia and Bart are the perfect example of a couple that followed their wildest dreams when planning for their wedding, last year in Guernsey. Below an impression of how they framed their vow on the most magical and meaningful way.

Wedding preparations via FaceTime

Living in different time zones, we met via Facetime. I was immediately taken by the radiant energy of this couple and their creative and ambitious ideas for their wedding day and was delighted they chose me to be their celebrant. We spent a couple of months working on the initial ideas and design for the wedding ceremony and fine tuned the script and logistics in collaboration with the wedding planner, photographer and videographer until we were all happy with the content and confident everything would run smoothly on the day. 

“You have captured us and our love perfectly, thank you. The tone is perfect, humourous, friendly yet formal, romantic and special – everything we want our day to be.”

(Olivia & Bart)

A wedding ceremony that had it all

The ceremony took place outdoors. A live choir and a harpist entertained the guests whilst we were waiting for the bridal party to arrive. Olivia made a mind-blowing entrance, bringing a tear not only to Bart’s but to everyone’s eye. After I had welcomed everyone in English and Dutch, Bart’s sister read a heartfelt poem she had written herself. The ceremony also included readings by Victor Hugo, a poem by Terah Cox and some secular blessings. I shared Bart and Olivia’s story: how they met, how Bart proposed and how they support and challenge each other. The second part of the ceremony had a more formal character. Olivia and Bart had written their own vows, leaving everyone, including me, in pieces.

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“Let’s dare to dream and dance until we’re old, I give all I am to you. My greatest achievement is you my darling, and I vow to love and honour you from this day forward, until the end of time.”

(from Olivia’s vow to Bart)

After the ring exchange they signed their wedding book. We ended with a communal vow: everyone was invited to stand and vow to continue to support Olivia and Bart on their journey as a married couple. 

Olivia and Bart danced back down the aisle to ‘Signed, sealed, delivered’, followed by bubbles, dinner, dancing and spectacular fireworks. 

It’s a privilege and a joy to be invited into people’s lives. To find the gold dust in their stories and to translate that into an experience that marks the start of their future life together. 

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