I do! How a celebrant can help you realise the day of your dreams

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Preparing your wedding can be an extremely stressful experience. For almost one in four men (23%), it’s the most stressful thing they have ever done, compared to one in six women (16%). There is a whole list of things to decide on. What venue? Who to invite? How to make sure that everybody is going to have a great time? Who is doing the make-up, the catering, the photography, the music?

As a couple, you might experience moments when you sigh in despair, wondering how to prevent the day of your dreams to become a true nightmare!

In the hassle and stress of organising all the details of your wedding it’s easy about the most important moment of the day, the moment when you declare your love, when you exchange vows and rings, confirming that this very special person is the one you would like to share your life with: ‘I do!’

How can you ensure that you are fully relaxed at this very special moment, without any need to worry about the logistics and practicalities, fully enjoying the fun, emotions, magic and beauty of this ceremony? How can you make certain that this unique moment is truly yours?

Many couples don’t realise that they can create a ceremony completely according to their wishes. A celebrant is a trained professional who can help you to turn your dream into a reality. They design your ceremony, rehearse with the people involved, and deliver the ceremony on the day itself, ensuring a smooth and perfect event. They can translate your wildest ideas into a moment that not only will be unique on the day itself but will also create a memory that lasts forever.

A ceremony can take place anywhere. There is no need to be restricted by legally appointed venues. It can be done at your home, in your garden, at any place indoors or outdoors that has a special meaning to you.

In designing your ceremony, you are free to choose the style, words, symbols and rituals that apply to you. You can include religious or interfaith elements, or symbols that have a special meaning from our background or from your shared experiences as a couple.

There are no limits in designing your ceremony. The boundaries are defined by your dreams and imagination.

No limits? Well, there is one thing you should take into account: if you would like your vows to be legally confirmed, you must go to your local registrar to arrange this. This can be done before, or after the ceremony, and it can be kept short and formal. Check your local registrar office for options and fees.

So, if you are preparing for your wedding, forget the hassle and the stress for a moment and start dreaming. And if someone asks you, ‘Do you want a celebrant to realise this dream?’, your answer might be a confirming, ‘Yes, I do!’

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