14th September 2015

End-of-life ceremonies

“To live in this world you must be able to do three things

to love what is mortal; to hold it and, when the time comes

to let it go,

let it go.”

– Mary Oliver

Celebrate life

On the threshold

When you know that you are going to die soon it may be helpful to have conversations with the people dear to you about your wishes.

Although this may be a difficult conversation, sharing how you would like to die will help you have the best possible quality of life until the end. Rituals may help to express feelings and thoughts and reflect upon what’s important to you.

Talking about you funeral wishes helps prepare you and your loved ones to organise the send-off that feels right for you. Exploring options beforehand helps find options that reflect your personality and wishes. It may also save costs.

Some people organise a ‘living funeral’: a get-together of family and friends where they reflect upon a person’s life and celebrate good and precious times.

I can help you plan your funeral, facilitate conversations, help organise a living funeral or create end-of-life rituals.


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Services and fees

The below gives an overview of services I offer and an indication of prices.  Please contact me for a quote tailored to your wishes and needs.

  • Creative funeral planning: consultation, advice, research of options, questionnaire, conversations with you and, if desired, your family, writing of funeral plan. From: £150
  • Living funeral: consultation, preparation, coordination, ceremony design and conducting on the day. From: £250
  • End-of-life rituals (bespoke): consultation, research, ritual design, sourcing of materials and objects, leading the ritual. From: £125
  • End-of-life rituals (standard): consultation, ritual preparation and leading the ritual. From: £75

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