Baby funeral by London based funeral celebrant Rosalie Kuyvenhoven, Rituals Today
Candlelight Vigil, by London based celebrant Rosalie Kuyvenhoven, Rituals Today
Online funeral service led by Rosalie Kuyvenhoven, London based celebrant
Cherry Blossom (C) London based funeral celebrant Rosalie Kuyvenhoven
Wedding ceremony led by London based celebrant Rosalie Kuyvenhoven. Venue: Gaynes Park, Essex. Photo credits: Cristina Rossi
Hampstead Heath. Photo credits (c) Rosalie Kuyvenhoven, Rituals Today
Non-religious coming-of-age ceremony

From child to t(w)een: a non-religious coming-of-age ceremony

The transition from childhood to adulthood, the ‘coming of age’ of children to become young men and women, is a significant stepping stone in everyone’s life. Many traditions around the world have rituals and ceremonies to mark and remember this pivotal moment in someone’s life. They are often linked to religion, such as Bar and[…]

Wedding at Radic Pavillion, Somerset. Photo credits @instaweddinguk
Celebrant-led wedding ceremony
Sand ceremony, London wedding. Photo credits (c) Daniel Morrell.
Holding hands

How to have a dementia-friendly funeral

Quite a few funerals I conduct are related to dementia. Either the person who has died or a living family member has been diagnosed with the disease. This raises specific questions and thoughts around funeral arrangements, such as: “Should we take mum to the funeral? She will not remember anything of it” “We don’t need[…]

Unique tribute ceremony for an iconic community building

Cheers for Hornsey Town Hall, an iconic community building in the heart of Crouch End that is closing its doors for redevelopment. Screenshot from video by Sugarsweet Productions The vast majority of the ceremonies I lead are for people: babies who are given a warm welcome into the world; couples who commit their love to[…]