“I think, no matter where you stray, that I shall go with you a way”
– Dorothy Parker


Saying goodbye your way

A good funeral helps acknowledge a death, pay tribute to a life lived, and find comfort and hope for the time to come. A funeral can be a healing and uplifting experience. When somebody dies, there is a lot to organise. The period leading up to the funeral can be emotional and overwhelming and taking the right decisions is not always easy.

I guide people in finding their way to express their final goodbyes, whatever their belief, gender identity, sexuality, age or background.

I meet you in person and take the time that is needed to get to know you and the person who has died. I write a personalised script, liaise with the funeral director and crematorium or cemetery staff to make sure that everything is in place for the funeral service. On the day, I conduct the ceremony, ensuring a calm and smooth delivery. You will receive a keepsake and I will contact you a couple of days later to learn how you look back on the day.

Mourn a death, celebrate a life

Funeral ceremonies are an occasion where people can mourn the deceased and where they can share memories about the person they have lost. A funeral service does not only have to be a sad occasion. The ceremonies I create also contain and uplifting elements, capturing the spirit of the person you have lost with dignity and gratitude. You may want to invite family and friends to take part in the ceremony by means of readings, music or personal tributes. Children can play their part too. For advise on how to include children in funerals, read my article ‘How to include young children in funerals’.

Often, the ceremony takes place at a crematorium, but any other location can be chosen: an old chapel, an outdoor place, a venue that has been meaningful to the deceased, or at home. If you are interested in an alternative venue for a funeral, this blogpost might give some inspiration.

Planning a funeral

I can help you plan a funeral. As a celebrant, I work with different funeral directors, crematoria and cemeteries, florists, venue managers and other suppliers. Based on your wishes, needs and budget I can advise on options that will help you organise a funeral that is right for you. Planning a funeral in advance has many advantages: it helps you define what is important for your funeral, it helps families to understand what is important for the person whose funeral they are organising, it can reduce costs and gives a structure and options for when the time comes. Please get in touch if you’d like to learn more.

Home funerals: a safe and intimate way of caring for your loved one

A home funeral invites family and friends for a healing after-death care experience. A home funeral gives time to prepare the body for a home vigil, to care for the body whilst lying in honour, and to transport the body to the place of burial or cremation. I can help you in creating ceremonies and rituals for the key moments in a home funeral process. From being with the dying person, to washing and dressing the body, preparing the room, vigil, leave-taking, and disposition. Home funerals are legal and safe and provide a wonderful way to care for your loved one. If you would like to know more about the options, I can guide to towards the right person to help you.

Goodbye ritual

When someone is critically ill and realises that they will be dying soon, it may give comfort to share ideas and wishes when someone is still alive. I can also help you in creating a goodbye ritual.

Memorial ceremony

On special anniversaries (birthdays, wedding days, and dying days) it might give comfort to memorialise the deceased and share memories. This can be done at any location, and can take any form you wish. I can help create a memorial ceremony and, if you wish, conduct this on the day.




How do I work?


  • Meeting in person. On most occasions I will meet with the family to create the most appropriate kind of funeral ceremony. Through your stories and memories we will add meaning to the life of the person who has passed away. I will discuss your wishes and ideas with you, and together, we will select texts, music, rituals and symbols that reflect the personality of the individual you have lost. If needed we will arrange a follow-up meeting.
  • Ceremony design. After our first meeting, I will deliver a first draft of the script for the funeral service. Together, we will fill in the details in the days before the service. When the script is final, we will walk through all elements of the service. This enables you and any participants to be well prepared for the day.
  • The ceremony. On the day, I can conduct the funeral service and support any family members and friends who want to participate.


Fees: from £250


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“Before she departed this life, Susan spoke little about her end. She did say she wanted to be cremated, she wanted a particular friend to speak about her, and she wanted us to enjoy a meal at our favourite Indian restaurant. But the rest was for the family to figure out at a difficult time of loss. Very fortunately for us, help was at hand. As soon as I spoke to Rosalie by phone, I knew she could guide us towards a beautiful and fitting occasion. And after she came to visit us and talk with us and make the first of several drafts of a script for the service, I felt confident that we had made the right choice. Rosalie’s sensitivity to Susan’s character and towards the family members and their memories and feelings was inclusive and intelligent. Her attention to detail and her availability at all stages were both excellent. The greatest compliment for Rosalie’s work as celebrant came in all innocence from a cousin who asked at the end of the service whether she was a family friend. Such is her empathetic and warm approach that, in an Age where so many of us adhere to no obvious religious community or spiritual guide, Rosalie was able to lead the celebration of Susan’s life with a kindness, dignity and assurance that made the occasion very special indeed. I highly recommend her.” – R.J.

“I wanted to extend a huge thank you to you for your kind, elegant and respectful service at my mother’s funeral. You set the tone in such a warm and gentle manner – you made us feel comforted and as calm as we could be at such a time.” – Family of E. 

“Our family would like to thank you for the service and tribute you gave to our mother, and how you capture that moment in a spiritually uplifting way. Other people stated that the service was one of the best funerals that they have attended and they felt heartened by it.” – Family of N.



I have completed advanced training in Funeral Celebrancy. In 2016 I was Runner-Up Celebrant of the Year for the Good Funeral Awards and in 2017 I was a finalist in the same category. I am a member of the Good Funeral Guild, member of Professional Fellowship of Celebrants and a supplier member of the National Association of Funeral Directors. .